Volunteer Spotlight: Snehee Khandeshi

How long have you lived in the area?

I’ve lived in DC for three (nonconsecutive) years. I recently moved back to the city after living in Richmond, VA.

When did you start volunteering at VéloCity?


What made you want to become a Véloteer?

I had great experiences at the bike co-op in Richmond and I wanted to find something similar in the area. I was hoping to learn about bike maintenance, meet people, and ideally, contribute to the community.

What keeps you volunteering in general and why do you like volunteering at VéloCity?

Volunteer night at velocity is a great space to get comfortable fixing bikes. I enjoy my ride to the shop on the Mount Vernon trail and the post-volunteer night hang-out with the other Véloteers.  

How do you usually use your bicycle? (leisure, transportation, fitness, etc.)

I commute, go on leisurely rides, go on fast rides, go across multiple states, and go to the grocery store, all on my bike.  

Describe the most enjoyable time you’ve had while on a bike? 

The thing I enjoy most about biking is that it transforms my everyday experiences. During my morning commute, I go just the right speed to appreciate the scenery. Biking turns simple tasks, like going to the store, into an adventure of racing lights and dodging car doors. For me, a long bike home is the perfect night cap to an evening out.