Vélocity Professional Mechanic Services

While the a key part of the Vélocity mission is to provide education and engagement to cycling through do-it-yourself service access, you can also support Vélocity Community Programming Services by dropping off your bike for a professional mechanic tune up or service. The two Vélocity staff mechanics have more then 60 years of bike maintenance service experience between them. Vélocity is happy to offer all standard bike maintenance services, new and used parts, supplies, and merchandise. Your support allows us to provide all of the Vélocity Coop bicycle education, maintenance support, bicycle giveaways, and Earn-A-Bike programs.

Basic Tune-Up: $75 plus parts
adjust brakes, gears, headset, and crank/bb; laterally true wheels; lubricate cables and chain; wipe down frame
Deluxe Tune-Up: $100
same as the basic tune but includes complete drivetrain clean
Mini Tune-Up: $45
adjust brakes, gears, inflate tires, wipe down frame
Flat Tire (includes tube): $16
Adjust brakes: $10
Adjust gears: $10
True Wheel (no broken spokes): $15
Tighten pedals/cranks: $10
Tighten Loose Bearings: $10
Clean drivetrain: $30
Box bike (does not include box): $45
Assemble and adjust bike (includes tune up): $75
Install Pedals: $10
Install fork (not including fork): $30
Replace bottom bracket: $10
Install toe clips, kickstand, bar ends): $7.50
Install Baby seat, rear rack, computer: $20
Tape Rewrap: $15
Other Services not listed: $75 an hour