Kids Bike Giveaways

We believe bicycles can save the world. Bicycles are an essential part of discovering a strong sense of independence, individual expression, a peaceful outlet from the stresses of life, cheap and effective transportation, and a happy and healthy way to live your entire life. That's why we’re committed to getting all kids in our community on to bicycles from a young age.

In partnership with the Alexandria Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Alexandria Fire Department, every year Vélocity collects hundreds of unwanted bikes, refurbishes, and distribute them along with helmets to children from low income families.

Know Anyone We Can Help?

We also are always looking to help kids from low income families who need bicycles. Have someone in mind? Know an organization who works with low-income families?

When requesting a donation of kids’ bikes, please provide a general idea of the heights, ages, and genders of the youth.

Donate Kids Bikes and Spare Parts

We're always in need for bike donations in any condition. We offer tax deductible receipts for all bike donations.

Interested in hosting a bike drive on our behalf? We'll provide you with bike drive host guidelines and assist you in organizing the event, and picking up all the bikes. In exchange, we'll send you a signed thank you letter from all of our volunteers who supported the Kids Bike Giveaway. We'll also include pictures of the event where we distributed the bikes to the kids. Please contact us at

Interested In Volunteering?

Interested in volunteering to help refurbish Kids Bikes? We'll provide you with all the training, tools, and parts. For more information please see our Getting Involved Page

Become a Sponsor

Interested in becoming a sponsor of our Kids Bike Giveaway program? Please consider donating to us here. Although Kids Bike Giveaways are organized by our volunteers, we still have a number of expenses and depend on sponsors of our Kids Bike Giveaways. Donations allows us to replace parts when needed, replenish supplies, cover our warehouse rent for the months we're hosting these bike drives, and utilities.

In the future, we hope to have funding to purchase lights, locks, and helmets for all bicycles that we give away.

For any further questions, please contact us at