Maintaining Your Bike

Maintaining Your Bike

This section provides some basic videos created on how to work on your bike right at home.


                                                                    Image Source: Aaron Kuehn

 Common Bike Repair and Maintenance (Links to YouTube Videos)

In Order of Relative Difficulty

Saddle Height and Fit (How to Adjust a Bike Seat by Howcast)

Cleaning and Lubing (How to Clean & Degrease your Bike by Global Cycling Network)

Road caliper brakes (Road Brake Adjustments by sweetsbench)

V-Brake Rim Brakes (Adjusting a V-Brake by SFMNTS)

Flat Tire (How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bicycle by Park Tool)

Rear Derailleur (How To: Adjust Shimano Rear Derailleurs by Art’s Cyclery)

Front Derailleur (How To: Adjust Shimano Road Front Derailleurs by Art’s Cyclery)

Wheel Truing (How to True a Bike Wheel Without a Truing Stand by RJ the Bike Guy)

Whole Bike (The Ultimate Bike Repair Movie by Bike Garage)

Whole Bike (Index of 75+ Videos by Park Tool) 

Cycling Skills 

Other Helpful Sites