Donating Money to Vélocity Coop

We rely on the generosity of our community to continue to offer our programs. Your cash and monetary donations cover the cost of new parts, lights, locks, and helmets for bike giveaways, scholarship bikes, and earn-a-bicycle programs.  They also help cover the cost of new parts and supplies for our free community offsite bicycle maintenance events.

Giving Directly

To make a monetary donation, you can always come on in to the shop and drop some dollars in exchange for using our stands and tools! We'd love to see you there. However if you would like to donate remotely, you can do so directly to our PayPal with this link. Also, please note the we will have a PayPal Giving Fund link enabled very soon, so check back here when you are ready to give again!

Alternatively, you can also write a check payable to Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative and mail it to the shop at 2111 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301.

Giving with Amazon Smile 🙂

Add Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative as your beneficiary when you shop on Amazon! We'll receive .5% for each of your purchases. For more information, please check here.

Please note that the Amazon Smile account remains setup in our original charitable moniker, Via Velo LTD. While we are pedaling quickly to update that, rest assured they are one and the same with the Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative.