Basic Maintenance Classes

Upcoming Classes

  • Basic Class — 20 Jan 2022 - 18:30
    2111 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria

  • Come learn about basic bicycle maintenance on your own bike. You will learn trail side repairs and the basic adjustments/repairs necessary to keep your bike rolling safely smoothly. The class is about 3 hours long, scheduled from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. We tend to end a little after 9 PM. To ensure quality instruction, the class is limited to two (2) students unless pre-coordinated with the instructor.

    • Walk-in students are not accepted. Please don't assume a class listed below has room for you.
    • The class will be paced to cover the topics listed below and we won't be able to stop and repair individual bikes.
    • Also, the class requires some experience with the use of wrenches, screwdrivers, and hex-keys ('righty-tighty, lefty-loosey' should be a familiar phrase). If you aren’t comfortable using these tools, please bring your bike to the shop prior to the class to get your hands a little dirty.
    • Interested in becoming a Véloteer but not sure about your skill level? Contact us via our web form about attending a class to get you started.

    For other questions, please contact the Maintenance Class Instructor via our web form.

    This is a hands on class. Please bring your bike/one for each student.

    Class Topics

    • Air — Inspect tire, Mount/remount wheels, Remove tire, Remove tube, Inspect rim tape, Repair tube (shop tube, not yours), Inspect wheel trueness for proper braking
    • Brakes — Inspect brake pads, Inspect pad alignment, Adjust brakes/cables
    • Chain, chainring, cassette, crankarms, & pedals — Inspect for wear, Properly lubricate chain
    • Derailleur — Inspect cables, Troubleshoot shifting, Make minor adjustments

    Attendance and Class Postponement or Cancellation

    • The cooperative is supported through your generous donations and our volunteers. We ask for a $50 donation for the class which is paid through our PayPay account during class registration. If you would like to discuss other options, please contact the instructor via our web form or stop by the cooperative.
    • Because of many "no-show" students, if you elect not to pre-pay, you must confirm your reservation with a separate email to the instructor ( Your booking is automatically placed on the "wait-list" and the seat will available to those who choose to pre-pay. After you register you will receive an email requesting confirmation. Students who do not confirm their attendance within seven (7) days will be removed from the class roster and the class is subject cancellation.
    • Class will be postponed when Alexandria Public Schools are closed for inclement weather.Usually but not always to the Monday of the following week. An email will be sent as soon as possible.
    • When there is an inclement weather forecast, a postponement decision is generally made no later than noon of the class date. Please check the email address you provided or contact the coop.
    • Occasionally the instructor may have to cancel a class. Notification will be sent out as early as possible along with rescheduling options.