Donate Stuff

We depend on donations in the form of bicycles, parts, tools, shop supplies, clothing, accessories, or anything bike-related. Your donation will go towards getting more people riding, keeping bikes on the road, and supporting our ability to continue to offer community programming

Benefits of donating to Velocity:

  • Receive a tax deductible receipt to write off on your taxes.
  • Support your community and enable people to get up and ride
  • Save bicycles, parts, and accessories from the landfill.

Donation Guidelines:

  • We accept anything in any condition:
    • Bikes in poor condition are stripped for usable parts and recycle the rest. 
    • We have working relationships with local artists who create bicycle art from unusable parts which we give them.
    • We recycle all unusable and unwanted parts with a local metal recycler.
  • We gladly accept donations any time we’re open
  • Please don’t leave donations outside the shop during off hours
  • Donation value is assessed and an itemized receipt is provided
  • The Co-op does not buy or trade for items or accept “loaner” bikes