Bicycle Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Bike Scholarship is facilitate residents from either low-income families, local shelters, and transitional housing to obtain a bicycle which can be used for free transportation.  Having a bicycle for transportation can lead to self-sufficiency and possibly advance the person to a new situation in life.  The “Earn a Bike Scholarship Program” not only provides the recipient with a bicycle but he or she learns how to maintain the bike and what constitutes bicycle safety in the process. The goal is to have a new scholarship recipient working on and being awarded a bicycle every 4-6 weeks.  Once the scholarship winner is awarded the bicycle, he or she will always be able to return to Vélocity Bicycle Coop to fix and maintain his/her bike. The muli-use tool will enable recipients to make basic repairs immediately without having to go into the shop.

Objectives: To help a financially challenged individual obtain free transportation to be used for getting appointments, programs and possibly work.

  1. To teach shelter and transitional housing residents how to properly maintain a bicycle so the scholarship winners will be able to make any repairs and basic upkeep on the new bike.
  2. To promote safe cycling by teaching and emphasizing the importance of always wearing a helmet, using a light at night and always locking the bike so it isn’t stolen.
  3. To promote green initiatives by showing that people do not always need a car to get to and from work and appointments, and therefore is not using petroleum resources that pollute the air and clog the roads.
  4. To encourage a healthier means of transportation because in cycling to places, cyclists not only have free transportation that doesn’t pollute but the rider gets exercise on the way to and from the destination.
  5. To assist in a small way in helping the financial bottom line because the scholarship recipients will no longer need to spend their hard earned money on buses each month.

Bicycle Scholarship recipients pick out a bicycle from our storage to refurbish as their very own for free. They’ll bring their bicycle that they’ll be receiving to a free 3 hour bicycle maintenance course which we’ll cover the ABCs of bike maintenance.  They’ll learn 90% of all of the standard maintenance items which we come across.  In addition to a free course, they’ll receive:

  • A refurbished, safe, quality bicycle
  • Lights
  • Lock
  • Helmet
  • Multiuse tool

After successfully receiving the Scholarship Bike, recipients may begin to volunteer with Vélocity to earn benefits such as free Do-It-Yourself bike repair stand time if they volunteer more then 10 hours in the previous month.  They will also be eligible to earn lightly used parts and have all of the same benefits as described in the Volunteer with us page.  

For questions or more information about our Bicycle Scholarship Program, please contact
Bike scholarship recipient June 2019
January 2018 Bicycle ScholarshipYoung woman, October 2019 bike scholarshipBike Recipient, March 2018
Man with Bike-Scholarship, December 2017
Bike Scholarship Winner