Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative Seeking Board of Director Applicants!

Help us Grow!

Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative has spent the past year establishing our first comprehensive strategic plan for how we plan to continue expanding the mission of growing and empowering a more inclusive bicycling community through education and affordability. For more information about Velocity, please see our website: velocitycoop.org.

We’re looking for additional board members to help support our Organizational Development effort. Board meetings occur once a month. Board members typically contribute at least 10 hours a month of their time in furthering our mission.

Who would be a great candidate? Someone who is:

  • Interested in helping build community support and raise awareness to help build a bicycling community in Alexandria,
  • Experienced with social media,
  • Able to engage local business associations for partnerships, and/or
  • Support annual fundraising events and initiatives, promoting events.

Previous experience is preferable but not required.

Next steps:

  • Let us know why you’re interested in joining our organization and how you think you can help
  • What kind of bike do you ride
  • Let’s meet to review the strategic plan and determine if it’s a good fit. Interested? Please send us a message or e-mail joe.davison@velocitycoop.org.