Hello Everybody!

Good news!! We have an opportunity to get a $2,000 grant to support the installation of an awesome mural along the north exterior wall of the Co-op.
In short, we have tried over the past few years to get an artist to install a mural on our exterior wall, but for many reasons, it hasn’t worked out. But, this year we can do it *and* have most of it paid through the Green Ideas Challenge 2015. Thanks to our Board member Pat Miller, we are registered for this challenge! Pat will also raise any additional funds beyond the $2,000 we are looking for.
We need your help to:
  1. Support this idea here (click on “SUPPORT THIS” on the right): http://www.actionalexandria.org/solution/community-garden-mural-live-planter-boxes The number of supports an idea receives is one factor considered by judges.
  2. Tell all your friends and family to “SUPPORT THIS” through the link
Winners are announced at Alexandria Earth Day Celebration on April 25.