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Volunteer Spotlight: Paul Toler

How long have you lived in the area?

I moved to Del Ray the day after Thanksgiving, 2015. Just over 4 months ago.

When did you start volunteering at VéloCity?

The first Volunteer Night I attended was also the first Volunteer Orientation of the new year.  It’s been nearly three months since then.  

What made you want to become a Véloteer?

As a recent transplant to the area, I was originally looking to get plugged into the local cycling culture: people, trails, shops, destinations…

What keeps you volunteering in general and why do you like volunteering at VéloCity?

To me, it’s clear that VéloCity is fundamentally mutualistic.  That is, the shop, its volunteers, and the community that it serves all benefit from their interaction and cooperation.  I’ve worked, I’ve learned, and I’ve helped others.  

How do you usually use your bicycle? (leisure, transportation, fitness, etc.)

I got into cycling as a way to make fitness an integral part of my lifestyle.  Rather than carving out time to go to the gym, I try to replace as much time behind the wheel with as much time in the saddle as possible.   

Describe the most enjoyable time you’ve had while on a bike? 

Just a few weeks ago VéloCity coordinated a brewery tour that brought nearly 25 of us riders to the doorsteps of four local breweries to sample their craft.   Having been so accustomed to riding solo, this was a fantastic change of pace!

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Welcome New VéloCity Board Member Bayley Vanderpoel

Bayley Vanderpoel, a former VéloCity Volunteer Coordinator and 2015 Recipient of the Washington Area Bicycle Association’s Cycling for All Award, has been elected the newest member of the VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative Board.

In the three years that Bayley has been with VéloCity, the volunteer base has grown exponentially and its programs have expanded. Bayley hopes to advocate for the volunteers and volunteer programs in his new role.

“I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to work with the board and contribute however I can to advancing VéloCity’s mission. Can’t wait!” Bayley said.

Join us in celebrating the addition of Bayley Vanderpoel to our Board!