What can I give to help?


We accept all donations of bikes, bike parts, clothing, gear, or anything else bike-related. If we can’t use the whole bike, then we will take what we can and recycle the rest. We have working relationships with local recyclers to responsibly dispose of recyclable metal and those rubber tubes that have been patched one too many times


Of course, we also take donations of cash to keep the lights on and the AC running. Clickon the paypal button below if you want to make a donation. Or, better yet, come on in to the shop and drop some dollars in exchange for using our stands and tools! We’d love to see you there.


Volunteer your time with us. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with the best way you can help. We’re always looking for new people interested in helping us with our bicycles. No experience is necessary, we’ll provide training.