Additional Volunteer Opportunities

We have a number of unique volunteer opportunities for people with particular interests in supporting us and unique skills.  For interest and questions in fulfilling these unique roles, please contact

Open Véloteering Roles

Vélocity Spokesperson


  • Cultivate healthy relationships with our customers and prospective sponsors and partners through personable and timely responses to public inquiries from our spokesperson public inbox, yelp, google, and social media accounts.

  • Serve as our gatekeeper and ambassador to our public.

  • Thank people for donations through paypal. Typically 5 replies a week.

  • Most questions can be responded to using an FAQ guide.  Other questions which can’t be answered can be directed to the appropriate person.

  • Update FAQ as needed to retain institutional knowledge for volunteer training.

Time Commitment:  About 5 hours a month of digital support

Grant Writer


  • Identify and write grants in support of our needs

  • Establish and maintain velocity grant writer guidelines to alleviate role transitions.

  • Monitor and Report:

    • Progress of awarded grants to the Granter and Grant application status to the Development Committee

Time Commitment: 2 hours a month of digital support

Bike Maintenance Class Instructor


  • Develop and maintain curriculum for levels of maintenance and repair.
  • Schedule classes
  • Work to meet students needs within time & resource constraints
  • Develop teaching aids
  • Mentor instructor development

Time Commitment: 6-8 hours a month

Volunteer Membership Coordinator


  • Monitor and support volunteer retention.

  • Ensure new volunteers feel welcome and appreciated by recognizing hour milestones they’ve surpassed based on the volunteer hour tracker.  Communicate this to volunteer email list and Slack channel.

  • Seek new volunteer feedback either in person, through surveys, emails, or phone calls to make sure they’re happy with their experience and to find ways VeloCity can improve. This should be conducted particularly for new volunteers and volunteers who are no longer involved based upon a lack of submission in the volunteer tracker.

Expected time commitment:  2-5 hours a month

Social Media Contributor


Drive more traffic to better engage and grow our customer and community support bases through consistent and effective public outreach and social media communications in support of:

  • Growing community support:

    • Business and individual sponsors

    • Customer base

    • Volunteer base

  • Sharing benefactor and beneficiaries stories about the significance of Velocity’s contributions.

Time commitment: 1-2 a month of digital support

Volunteer Scheduler


  • Ensure consistent weekend volunteer coverage

  • Encourage volunteers to pick at least one shift a month to sign up.

  • Monitor no-shows.

  • Gather staff and volunteer feedback of how weekends are going.

  • Provide feedback to Operations Committee for discussion.

  • Send volunteer sign up reminders at least a day prior to weekend.

Time Commitment: 3 hours a month

Open Board Roles

Operations Committee Chair


  • Oversee Operations Committee activities and facilitate monthly meetings.

  • Monitor Operations Committee Trello Board updates and track progress.

  • Receive end of the day Volunteer Open Shop and Volunteer night recaps from the respective shift managers.

  • Develop and maintain Operations Committee Guidelines.

  • Seek input from volunteers for new policy of the coop.

  • Schedule Operations Committee phone calls.

  • Make reimbursements to volunteers pending Board of Director Chairman approval.  Send receipts to Treasurer.

  • Oversee and support staff as needed.

 Time Commitment:  5 hours+ of digital support



The secretary position plays a critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management and utilization of important records such as:

  • Meeting minutes

  • Updates to organization’s bylaws

  • Ensure key documentation, as specified in the Volunteer Coordinator guide, is revalidated at least on a semi-annual basis for the purpose of:

      • Ensure we’re retaining institutional knowledge

      • Ensure a volunteer training refresher of important procedures and guidelines

  • Disseminate a Quarterly Newsletter to VeloCity Customers and volunteers to keep them informed.  Input is aggregated from meeting minutes and volunteer and board input.

  • Coordinate Velocity’s Holiday pledge drive mailing campaign newsletter.

Time Commitment:  5-10 hours of digital support