Additional Volunteer Opportunities

We have a number of unique volunteer opportunities for people with particular interests in supporting us and unique skills.  For interest and questions in fulfilling these unique roles, please contact

Inventory Manager

  • Oversee Inventory Processing System and provide guidance as necessary to ensure inventory is controlled when it’s dropped off in the warehouse.
  • Track needs/improvements which need to be fulfilled. Space improvements Coordinate Coops Space Improvements based on observation or as requested by volunteers/staff.

Promotions Coordinator

Digitally promote special events as requested such as alley sales, bike rides, bike drives, fundraisers, etc.

Online Inventory Sales Coordinator

Help sell unique items online which we have an overabundance of are rarely used in the warehouse. This is  to free up space of things such as car bike racks, bike trailers, trainers, spare repair bike stands, etc.

Space Improvement Project Support

Provide Inventory Manager with project support such as building new shelving and proposing organizational improvement designs.

Public Private Partnership Coordinator

  • Develop Business sponsorships through reaching out to local businesses and advertising options for them supporting us such as:
    • Sponsoring Bike Drives
    • Donating a portion of their proceeds to Vélocity 1 day
    • Donating their good or service to us such as food or labor.
    • In Kind Gifts
  • Maintain Business Partnership Contacts List.

Vélocity Spokesperson

Cultivate healthy relationships with our customers and prospective sponsors and partners through personable and timely responses to public inquiries from our spokesperson public inbox, yelp, google, and social media accounts.