Vélocity Co-op is once again partnering with #Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s Giving Day, 15 April 2020.

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Hello everyone,

More than ever, the infrastructure that our co-op has labored to establish for years is being deployed in the community for our sake.  People outside and on bikes are now part of the lifeblood for others who depend upon their deliveries, whether it’s a reassuring pizza pie, a life-saving medicine, or life-sustaining grocery delivery. From day one of our founding ten years ago, we’ve been a committed partner to building a community that embraces bicycling–and now we can all see the need for that model to survive.

Tom was living in a men’s shelter and taking a bus to work at a gas station in Arlington everyday. He got off at 1 am, the exact time the last bus left the stop in front of his gas station job. If a customer happened to be pumping gas when the last bus came, Tom couldn’t close the station and he elected to save his money and walk home rather than take a taxi or uber. With his scholarship bike, he ended up riding it to and from work and saving bus fare too. Tom was able to move out of the homeless shelter even earlier than he planned thanks to his bike and increased savings.

The people who cycle in our community are no longer simply building our culture; they’re running our economy. Their faces project some semblance of normalcy for many others who are stuck or can stay at home. Their dependable cadence of delivery is reassuring and brave. Velocity’s work on the bikes utilized in this capacity is its own legacy to help in this crisis.

With 1.75 full-time Velocity employees and 25 semi-regular volunteer as well as 50 occasional volunteers, Vélocity is able to stretch every dollar as far as possible while helping give a hand up to people in need of transportation.

Thank you,
 The Vélocity team

Click Here to Donate Wednesday 15 April!

Every little bit helps — donations start at just $5. No gift is too small. Every donation is appreciated!

Véloteer Night prepping bikes for resale or community outreach programs at the Vélocity Coop Warehouse