On Saturday, May 23, Vélocity Co-op embarked on an organized bike co-op to bike co-op ride in the VA-DC-MD region. VeloCity Veloteer Katelyn coordinated and led the ride. A total of 5 bike co-ops were visited in this order: Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative (VA), Phoenix Bikes (VA), Bike House (DC), Mount Rainier Bike Co-op(MD) and Gearin’ Up Bicycles (MD). The goal of the ride was to learn about the different co-ops and further establish relationships and communication amongst them. The bike co-ops are quite unique in their approach and physical set-up. The ride was also a great way to see the area’s varying neighborhoods. Veloteer Katelyn bought bread from the local Del Ray Farmer’s market to share with the volunteers met along the way.

Places visited:

  • Vélocity Bicycle Cooperative
  • Phoenix Bikes
  • Qualia
  • Bike House (at Annie’s Hardware)
  • Mount Rainier Bike Co-op
  • Glut (co-op)
  • Gearin’ Up Bicycles
  • Trails:
  • Four Mile Run Trail
  • Washington and Old Dominion Trail
  • Mt Vernon
  • Rock Creek Park
  • Metropolitan Branch Trail